click-throughHow are your email campaigns performing? You might have a lot of people on your mailing list, and a good proportion of them might be opening your emails, but how many of them are actually clicking through? If a customer clicks through, that means that something in your email has motivated them to visit your website. This takes them one step closer towards making a purchase. Therefore, encouraging your customers to click through your emails is hugely important. But, how can you do this? Here are just a few of the ways you can persuade your customers to click through:

Keep It Simple

Every email you send should have a clear goal, be it getting more customers to shop in your sale or driving more visitors to your blog, for example. Therefore, the emails you send should be completed focused on your specific goal. Try not to overload them with too much information and lots of different links. By keeping your email simple, focusing on one thing, and having one clear link, your customers will quickly know what the message is telling them, and how they can take advantage of the offer contained within it.

This email from Rituals is a good example of keeping things simple. Although it contains links to all their different departments, the main body of the email contains minimal information and only one link. It’s clear to the customer that clicking through will take them to the 50% off sale:

Create Urgency

With your marketing emails, it’s your job to motivate your customers to take action. However, sometimes it takes more than just a compelling offer to encourage a customer to click through an email. Customers don’t always click through emails immediately, and even emails that they are interested in can get forgotten about over time. Your best chances of success comes if you encourage your customers to click through as soon as they receive your email. You can do this by introducing a sense of urgency into your emails. Let your customers know if your special offers are ending soon, or if a popular item is low on stock. They will then be more likely to act quickly.

This email from tReds lets their customers know that their sale is ending soon. The sense of urgency starts right in the subject line, so their customers know that they need to act quickly if they want to take advantage of the offer:

Tell Your Customers Something New

Many companies’ email marketing offerings are just variations on the same theme. They rarely tell their customers anything new, so they can quickly get bored of them. Therefore, if you ever have anything new to tell your customers, you should use email to shout it from the rooftops! Doing so will help your customers to feel valued, as it will seem to them like they are the first to know. This will easily encourage them to engage with the email. You can also include a special offer in order to further encourage your customers to take action.

Bella Italia used email to announce the launch of their new menu. They also included a 25% discount within the email:

Whether or not your customers click through is integral to the success of your email marketing campaign. By using these techniques, and a little creativity of your own, you should see your click through rates, and therefore your sales, improve.