springThe days are finally getting longer, and we’re starting to see some sunshine. Spring is definitely in the air! It’s the time of year when we start to think about refreshing and renewing things. Cleaning the home, updating our wardrobes and tidying the garden. But, spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be limited to the home. It’s the ideal time to breathe some new life into your email marketing.

For much of the winter, your customers are bombarded with the hard sell from your email marketing (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year sales etc.). In the spring, you can step away from the hard sell, and offer your customers something different for the new season. Here are a few of the ways you can refresh and renew your email marketing efforts for the spring:

Freshen Up Your Colour Scheme

Studies have found that anywhere between 62 and 90 percent of customers make snap judgements about products based on colour alone. So, you should consider giving the colour scheme that you use in your emails an update for the spring. Move away from the darker, ‘cosy’ colours that you use in your emails over the winter. Start using a fresher, brighter colour scheme. Think about either reflecting the sunshine your customers are experiencing, or try to bring a bit of sunshine into their homes if the weather is less than perfect!

Monsoon feature darker colours in their winter emails, whereas they feature light, fresh colours and a seasonal image in their spring emails:


Monsoon Winter 1 Monsoon Winter 2


Monsoon Spring 1 Monsoon Spring 2

Offer Things Relevant To Spring

Shoppers generally have different needs seasonally. In the winter, most people are on the lookout for Christmas gifts or sale bargains. In the spring, however, your customers are less likely to be bargain hungry. They may be more interested in updating their home or wardrobe, or spending more time outdoors. Because of this, instead of sending the same types of emails all year round, you should offer your customers things that are relevant to them at this time of year. This could be a range of cleaning supplies, DIY or gardening products, or even, if you run a restaurant, a new, lighter spring menu.

Pizza Express sent out an email to let their customers know about their new spring menu, and offered them 25% off to encourage them to try it:

Pizza Express Subject Pizza Express Spring

Hedges Direct used their marketing email to let their customers know that spring is prime planting season. They, again, include a discount code to encourage a purchase:

Hedges Subject Hedges Spring

Run a Reactivation Campaign

After the excitement of Christmas and the New Year sales, your customers can experience a ‘winter lethargy’, where the lose interest in buying things. You might find that you have some subscribers on your mailing list that haven’t engaged with your business for some months.

When spring comes around, you can run a reactivation campaign to break these customers out of their winter slump. Tell them that you miss them! Offer them a special offer or promotion to encourage them to shop with you again. Studies have found that emails with ‘miss you’ in the subject line have an open rate of around 13%.

Look Fantastic send this email to the customers who haven’t engaged with them for a while:

Look Fantastic Subject Look Fantastic

Spring is the perfect time to inject some new life into your email campaigns. Take the time to regularly refresh and renew your email marketing efforts. Your customers are much more likely to stay interested and engaged in what you’re sending