bank-holiday-2We’ve just enjoyed a long weekend thanks to the May Day Bank Holiday. Did you send out a Bank Holiday email to commemorate the occasion? If you didn’t, you could have missed out on an excellent sales opportunity.

Emails commemorating Bank Holidays, or any other notable day, generally achieve success. They attract a more captive audience, and offer your subscribers something different to the typical marketing email.

If you missed out on sending a marketing email this Bank Holiday, don’t worry. You have another chance to capture the attention of your subscribers in a few weeks time, when Spring Bank Holiday comes around. Here are some tips to help you put your email together:

Keep The Weather In Mind

The way the weather is over the Bank Holiday weekend could effect the type of marketing email you send. Or, even whether you send a marketing email at all. If the weather is going to be poor, your subscribers will be more likely to stay at home. Therefore, they may be more likely to check their emails. However, warmer weather may encourage them to go out and about, so they will have less time to read emails. If you send a marketing email when the weather is nicer, make sure that it uses responsive design so you subscribers can read it on their mobile devices.

The weather could also dictate the content of your marketing email. If the forecast is poor, you could run a promotion for people who shop with you online. If the forecast is good, encourage your customers to come and visit you in store (if applicable). Rain was forecast this Bank Holiday weekend, which prompted Layered to run a competition to win an umbrella:

Run a Time Limited Deal

Even if the nice weather has encouraged them to go out and about, your customers are likely to have more free time on their hands over the Bank Holiday weekend because they have an extra day off work. You can encourage your subscribers to use their extra free time to shop with you. Run some special deals over the bank holiday weekend, making sure that you point out to your customers that they are time limited. The sense of urgency may encourage your subscribers to make a purchase that they were unsure about. Make sure that you also let your customers know whether these offers are running online, in store, or both.

Mamas & Papas ran various special promotions through your latest bank holiday email. They made sure to encourage their customers to hurry before the offers ran out, and pointed out that they were running both online and in store, preparing for any weather eventuality:

After The Bank Holiday

Even if your customers don’t take up any of the offers that you run through your Bank Holiday email, all is not lost. The days after the Bank Holiday also provide an excellent sales opportunity. People are usually unhappy about having to go back to work, so what better way to cheer them up with a special deal or offer? Joy did this recently to help their customers ‘Beat The Post Bank Holiday Blues’:

Bank Holidays are days that shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to email marketing. By using the day to capture the attention of your customers, you could enjoy a significant boost in sales.