Email marketing is still rated the most effective way for marketers to reach consumers, even with all the latest technology and digital channels constantly evolving. Reports and statistics claim that marketers and consumers both still favor email activity taking a large percentage of their online usage. However, email marketers should always be mindful of the fact that marketers are active online users, far more than consumers, so they must refrain from using their professional behaviors to their consumers.

One in three consumers and one in four marketers agree that brands should still be investing more resources in email marketing. Facebook and Twitter the marketers and consumers fared less although 22% of consumers felt that Facebook should invest more in marketing along with 21% of consumers. Just 5% of consumers and 12% of marketers rated Twitter a high priority. These figures were included in the ExactTarget’s Marketers from Mars who also stated the differences in Smartphone adoption and online behavior between the marketers and the consumers, and the relevant importance. Consumers with Smartphones actually behave very much like marketers as opposed to consumers who do not have Smartphones. Considering that 90% of marketers use Smartphones compared to only 51% of consumers owning Smartphones the online behavior between the two parties cause a striking difference. Consumers with Smartphones tend to use more apps, email more, visit more deal sites, click on sites with offers and mobile coupons, resulting in making more online purchases. Based on a survey of 1.200 customers and in excess of 400 marketers it was revealed that consumer Smartphone owners do not necessarily use more specific channels but because they can access them easier, they are more likely too.

Email marketing for marketers is still prioritised over other forms of advertising and as Smartphone ownership grows the email marketing industry stays the leader, currently with 99% of marketers and 89% of consumers, also 85% of non Smartphone owners. Facebook takes second place with a 66% of daily usage from consumers with Smartphones and non Smartphone users at 50%. Leaving Twitter ranking the lowest on the digital check scoring, only 48% of marketers and 31% of Smartphone consumers using the site, with only 10% of non Smartphone consumers reported to use this site on a daily basis.