serve-an-ace-with-these-marketing-ideasThe Wimbledon Championships are almost upon us. The tournament, starting on 29th June, is seen by many as the start of the summer, building excitement and enjoyment throughout the nation.

Just like any major event throughout the year, The Wimbledon Championships provide an excellent opportunity to get creative with your email marketing. It’s not just sporting goods stores that can take advantage of the tournament for their marketing purposes. Anyone can use the excitement of Wimbledon to make their email marketing more exciting, interesting and engaging. Here are just a few ideas:

Run A Competition

Running a competition is a beneficial thing for your company to do at any time of year. No matter what prize you give away, competitions are a great tool for getting people to engage with your company. They can help to build awareness of your brand, encourage people to sign up to your mailing list and show your customers that you appreciate them.

What better time for your company to run a competition than when the nation is excited about getting behind our tennis stars. Pizza Express ran a competition to celebrate last year’s Wimbledon tournament:

Pizza Express Wimbledon

During Wimbledon, Pizza Express ran daily competitions on their Twitter account. Something like this is likely to have increase their amount of followers significantly. The above email makes it simple for their customers to connect with the competition by providing both a click-able link and a Twitter hashtag.

Get Inspired

Like I mentioned before, almost every company can benefit from using Wimbledon in their email marketing, whether or not people would immediately associate you with the tournament. You can use the championships (and things associated with it) to inspire your email marketing, helping you to create more stimulating and engaging messages. You’ll probably inspire a lot of your customers in the process.

Last year, jewellers Links of London ran this campaign to coincide with Wimbledon:

Links Wimbledon

This creative email was put together to showcase the company’s range of Wimbledon-inspired jewellery. They’ve combined an attractive design with interesting and absorbing body copy to make a very successful marketing email.

Last year, House of Fraser used a tennis-inspired email to showcase their range of white clothing. Although the pieces probably wouldn’t be suitable for playing a game on centre court, this email shows how companies can creatively link Wimbledon to the items that they sell:

House of Fraser Tennis

Help People Enjoy the Tournament

Only a select few people are lucky enough to enjoy the Wimbledon Championships at the tennis club itself. But, that doesn’t stop the millions of tennis fans who can’t see it live from enjoying the tournament in their own way. If your company sells products that can help people enjoy watching the tournament in their homes, use email marketing to showcase them.

MySupermarket showed off the major supermarkets’ range of Wimbledon-related special offers last year:

MySupermarket Wimbledon

MySupermarket Wimbledon 2

Using a major event like Wimbledon in your email marketing can help you better connect with your subscribers. Just make sure that you keep your messages interesting, relevant to your customer, and time them correctly.

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