ValentineValentine’s Day is just a week or so away and, as I’ve mentioned a number of times before, notable dates offer the perfect opportunity for a topical email marketing campaign. Lots of businesses lend themselves nicely to a Valentine’s Day email campaign, whether you’re a restaurant, sell romantic gifts or offer products or services that people can treat themselves with.

Valentine’s Day can be very lucrative for all kinds of businesses. In 2013, it was estimated that Brits spent nearly £1 billion on gifts, going out and trips away. So, if you’re not running a Valentine’s email campaign, you’re missing a trick! Here are just some of the ways various businesses can make the most of the season of love:


If you’re company sells romantic gifts, then putting together a Valentine’s Day email is simple. Take the opportunity to showcase your range of gifts using beautiful images and an enticing subject line, like this one from Blue Nile:

Blue Nile Subject

As the above subject line suggests, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to run a money-off campaign/ special offer, and you can use your marketing emails to let your customers know about it. Make your campaign time-limited (i.e. the week before Valentine’s Day), and it may encourage people to splash out on a slightly more extravagant gift for their loved one. Jewellers Joshua James are currently running a campaign like this:

Joshua James

If you sell romantic gifts, your customers need to feel confident that they will be delivered in time for Valentine’s Day. Use your marketing emails to let your customers know when your last delivery date is (and show off some special deals and gift ideas at the same time). Debenhams did this with their Valentine’s Day campaign:

Debenhams subject

Debenhams 1

Dining Out

A romantic meal for two has long been a favourite Valentine’s Day activity. Around this period, competition between restaurants is high. Use your marketing emails to let your customers know why your restaurant is the place to be on Valentine’s Day. Are you running a special Valentine’s menu? Will couples get a free drink/ dessert with their meal? Or does your restaurant simply have the most romantic ambience? Prezzo’s Valentine’s email showcased a number of these things:


This simple email tells their subscribers everything they need to know about their Valentine’s weekend offerings. Customers can even view the menu online to see if the food available will suit them. Including a link to online booking is also a good idea. Restaurants can get very busy on Valentine’s Day, so a quick and convenient way to book a table can help ensure people aren’t left disappointed.

Staying In

While some people’s idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day treat is an indulgent meal at a romantic restaurant, for others that’s a nightmare! Many people are content to spend Valentine’s Day having a relaxing night in with their loved one. These are people you can target with your email marketing.

Last Valentine’s Day, Waitrose offers a £20 dinner for two, aimed at people who didn’t want to go out to a restaurant:


For many people, making something from scratch is just as romantic as an expensive meal. Use email marketing to help people make their own romantic night in. Good Food Channel tried to inspire their subscribers with recipes for romantic meals for two:

Good Food

Even if your business doesn’t offer any of these things, you can still take advantage of the Valentine’s Day marketing opportunity. Use some of these ideas to inspire you to inject some romance into your email marketing.

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