travel2Now is the time of year when people start thinking about their holidays. They may be eager to book a last minute break for this summer, or they may wish to start planning an elaborate trip for next year. Either way, if you’re a travel company, it’s a great time to get your email marketing efforts in order. A quality email marketing campaign will enable you to capture the attention of your customers at just the time they’re thinking about booking a summer break. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your latest campaign:

Include An Offer

At this time of year, it’s likely that your customers are receiving a lot of marketing emails from travel companies. You need to make sure that yours is the one that they open. One way you can do this is to include a special offer or discount in your email. Make sure you include details of the offer in the subject line to entice your customers to open it.

Sometimes, a simple, generic offer is not enough. You might need to take an extra step to encourage your customers to take action. You could add a sense of urgency to the email by making the offer time limited, or you could include a more personalised offer, based on somewhere your customer has previously taken an interest in. included a time limited offer in their recent marketing email. They’ve made it clear that the customer needs to act quickly:

Make It Enticing

In travel email marketing, the design you use is as important as the content you include. When marketing the destinations you offer travel packages to, your aim should be for your customers to be able to imagine themselves there. You should do this by including enticing pictures of your destinations in the body of your messages. Your customers should immediately want to visit these destinations without having to read any of the description about them.

Blue Bay Travel send very image-heavy emails in order to entice their customers:

TravelBird, again, keep text to a minimum in their emails, instead choosing to focus on images of their destinations:

Offer Advice

Although many people love spontaneously jetting off to sunnier climes, some people are more hesitant. Many potential travellers like to do plenty of research before they commit to their next holiday destination. You can help them on their way with this. Rather than just using your emails to ‘sell’ holiday destinations, you can use them to inform your customers about them. By offering tips and advice in your emails, your customers will have more confidence in the destinations and, hopefully, be more likely to book with you.

Jet2 often include tips and advice in their marketing emails. Here, they have included some travel tips from their own customers:

When it comes to travel marketing, sometimes the destinations sell themselves. However, that doesn’t mean that you should rest on your laurels when it comes to email marketing. By putting some effort into your email offerings, particularly at this time of year, you can help ensure that yours is the company that customers choose to travel with.