Valentines emailsIt’s hard to believe the first month of 2014 is nearly over, but the arrival of February reminds of us of another impending date to mark in our diaries: Valentine’s day!

It’s not only a date which means last minute trips to the flower and card shops – 14th February also represents a nifty little opportunity for email marketing. Like so many annual events and traditions, Valentine’s is now celebrated commercially, and why not jump on that particular bandwagon if it’ll aid your own sales effort?

If your line of business is industrial washing machines, you would be forgiven for clicking the ‘back’ button at the point… but, wait! The industry within which you operate really doesn’t matter. Think back to Christmas – I bet you leveraged the festive season to aid your marketing efforts. You can do just the same with Valentine’s. Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking.

It’s a great time to get personal

Personalised emails

Personalisation in email marketing is an absolute winner, no matter what the time of year. At valentines, however, adding the name of the person you’re emailing to the header or within the copy is a great way to grab their attention. Send it close enough to the day itself, and you might catch those subscribers who have been longingly checking their inbox for messages of love. Ok, you’re suggesting they should check out your latest software update, but you’ll have their attention. Get the rest of the message right, and you’re onto a winner.

Let your guard down


I’m a great believer that any business can be a little less corporate when it takes to email. Marketing emails are no fun if they spend the duration of their time in your inbox reciting text book ad-speak. The emails which catch my eye are the ones which make me smile, raise an eyebrow or outright laugh. Over the next few weeks, you’re likely to see the more light-hearted side of otherwise suited-and-booted companies as they use the season of love to grab your attention.

A simple, clever intro can work wonders; ‘Still waiting for that card? Let us meet your expectations this Valentine’s!’. Alternatively, why not have some fun with the main image in your email? Add some love hearts, a splash of red or the odd rose. There’s no harm in doing so – it’ll show your subscribers there’s a personality behind those emails.

Use the word ‘love’

Email love

It’s a strong word, yes, but you can be forgiven for using it between now and mid-February. Ask people to ‘fall in love’ with your products or services. Suggest they spread the love themselves by sharing your message on social media.

The ‘l’ word could be rather profitable for you in February…


Write a romantic story

Romantic story

Of all today’s tips, this one requires the most thought, but it can work really well. Pick a specific product or service you wish to promote and try to write a love story about it. We’re not talking War and Peace, of course, but you can have some fun with just a paragraph or so. Every email you send should answer a question for your customers. Your customers are looking for something. In this case, it isn’t love (it might be an innovative desk tidy), but you can use the same themes romantic stories depend on to sell your wares.

Ok, ok… now tell me about the free chocolates!

We’re keen to spread some love ourselves, this Valentine’s, which is why we’re giving away some very posh chocolates to anyone who signs up for a paid monthly mailingmanager account between 1st February and 5.00PM on 14th February.

If you’ve tried Hotel Chocolat chocolates before, you’ll know how lovely they are and how much that special someone will appreciate them. Further details will follow soon, but to find out more, contact us today!

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