How to Excite Subscribers with your Spring Email NewslettersThere is just something so isolating about the winter sun isn’t there?  Perhaps it is just the anaemic wash it spreads over the world, or the bitter pricks of cold that it just can’t eradicate.  At this time of year, Spring just feels so far away.  But it isn’t.  Three short months and we will be listening for the cuckoo.  It is time to be thinking about our Spring email newsletters.

Unlike Summer, with its enticing hot days and holiday opportunities, and Autumn and Winter with their pumpkins, Santa, and love-hearts, Spring isn’t so obvious a commercial hot spot.  In some ways this is a good thing.  With Spring comes the sense of rejuvenation, renaissance and renewing.  Furthermore, there are festivities and holidays peppered amongst the cheerful wait for Summer.

Spring email newsletters generally can’t get away with being as warming as a Winter campaign.  Nor can it boast the cool fun of Summer campaigns.  So what can we do in this weird transitional season to excite those subscribers.

Here are our top ideas.

Reinvent your Spring email newsletters

Give your subscribers something new, like blossom exploding on a tree and other Springtime poetic nonsense.  It is the easiest season to turn around and rethink your brand voice.  If your email marketing campaigns have begun to languish in predictability or mediocrity, it might just be that your subscribers want something new.

Spring is often an interlude to summer, so brightening up your template, or changing the format.  As Renata Gajoch-Bielecka tells us in her 2014 article, “Your newsletter is like your home or your fashion style at this time of year – it needs a new look”.

Remember the important dates

As much as it is fun to play with national awareness days, these don’t present the major marketing opportunities that will bring you a high ROI.  Your spring email newsletter may be Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard as far as major festivities go.  Especially, in comparison with other seasons.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t massive opportunities, and bandwagons, to jump on.

Here are a few dates with which you can build impacting marketing campaigns.

  1.  International Women’s Day (8 March): Supporting international women’s day will not only give your brand a compassionate edge, but make you look politically savvy without causing contentious debate.  This is a good time to reach out to your female subscribers.
  2. St.  Patrick’s Day (17 March): It seems that almost every year we all find a little Irish in us.  The celebrations on St. Patrick’s day often bring music and party to your area.  Perhaps it is time you joined in.
  3. April Fool’s Day (1 April): If there was ever an opportunity to have some fun then it is now.
  4. Mother’s Day (31 March): Every year we get the daffodils and albums recorded by ‘The Osmonds’ and book restaurants.  How will your product serve the matriarchs in our lives?
  5. Easter (21 April): The biggest celebration in the Spring that is loved by Adults and children alike.

Looking forward to the sun

Yes the snow will have defrosted, and now the daffodils are being watered by a warm spring rain.  It isn’t perfect weather yet, but you know it is coming.  June and July are waiting in the starting blocks.  It is worth reminding your subscribers of this whilst they are spring cleaning, starting to mow lawns, and washing their car for the first time since October.  Giving them hope for a summer full of barbecues, festivals and days to the beach will make them smile.  And, your brand wants to be associated with that flood of serotonin.  Be the reason for their excellent mood.

Show those bright summer days, and remind them that this idyllic warmth is only days away.

Change and rejuvenation for everyone

If your brand was in the need of a dust down and a polish, and your campaigns needed a verve injection,  you aren’t the only one.  Everyone at this time of year makes the deliberate and exciting decision to change.  Painting the house.  Replanting the flower beds.  This is the time to urge them to reinvent themselves with your product.

This is obviously easier to accomplish for fashionistas, or health food businesses.  However, consider what difference your product could make to your subscribers.

Wrapping up

Designing new ways to excite and entice your readership needn’t be a struggle.  In some ways, you are presented with a tabula rasa.  Your spring email newsletter could bring a new lease of life to your company.

If you have any other recommendations for those readers who are looking to create a winning email campaign in Spring, please feel free to let us know how you intend to capitalise on the Spring season by commenting below.