Charity Subject LineEmail marketing is a brilliant way for charities and non-profits to raise funds cost-effectively.

Providing you follow the GDPR’s rules, you can quickly develop a very useful list of would-be and existing supporters.

You also have the one thing many businesses crave. A social purpose. And, if you get the messaging right, donations should come flooding in via this particular marketing channel.

It all starts with the subject line! If you’ve been struggling with low open rates and poor engagement, here are ten of our favourite openers to get you inspired:

Subject line example 1: The best thing you can do for someone today

Pull on the heart strings.  You have every right to. What difference could someone’s donation make to another person’s life?

Subject line example 2: We’re so close to our target – but need more!

Charities often set interim fundraising targets, and if you’re a smidgen off yours, a quick email that demonstrates a degree of urgency (and, let’s be honest – desperation), can work wonders.

Subject line example 3: Are you ready to help us?

Perhaps you’re climbing Kilimanjaro or about to spend twelve hours in a bath full of baked beans. Whatever the big charity project you’re taking on, reach out on email and ask for help.

Subject line example 4: You give, we’ll double it

If you’re lucky enough to be able to double or match donations via a partnership with a brand, this subject line will speak loud and clear to the people who want to make a difference – twice over.

Subject line example 5: Last chance – donate now!

Urgency in email marketing works! It’s that simple. And when it comes to donations, people probably don’t want to miss out on the chance to do some good.

Subject line example 6: Finish your year by giving back

Send this email over the Christmas period, and you should benefit from some festive cheer and the desire we all have to make a difference as part of our new year’s resolutions.

Subject line example 7: Thank you so much…

If someone has already donated, a quick-fire automated email to say “thank you” and provide the option to donate again when they’re ready, could result in more double donations than you might think…

Subject line example 8: We need help to fight <enter charity here>

As a charity, you can ask for help without feeling bad or greedy, and if you enter the name of the cause you’re supporting in the subject line, it’ll talk immediately to anyone with whom in resonates personally.

Subject line example 9: Sorry… we’re still not there yet

If that target is still some way short, you can do a lot worse than email previous supporters and ask if they fancy dipping their hands into their pockets again. The worst they can do is ignore the email, and a few might be feeling particularly charitable.

Subject line example 10: Thank you for your donation last year

This is a great way to both sniff out dead email addresses and encourage people to donate twelve months later. That’s list hygiene and more donations checked off with one simple email!

There’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for email marketing success if you’re running a charity or non-profit organisation, but a combination of the above approaches should prove fruitful. Give them a go!