Summer Email Marketing Content

It’s finally getting warmer in the UK, and what better way to dust off any Brexit frustrations you might have than to dream up some summer email marketing campaigns?

The following five ideas will help you drum up new business and increase brand advocacy during the warmer months.

1. Tie-in with national days

Did you know it’s National Fried Clam Day on 3rd July? And if you’ve booked something important on 16th August, were you aware it clashes with National Roller Coaster Day?

National days are often nothing more than a bit of a laugh or something with which to annoy your friends on Facebook, but they’re also really handy email marketing tools. This website has a pretty definitive list of what’s coming up – so take a look at the summer months and see what you can tie-in with.

2. Reminisce about last year

Ah… remember last summer? It was so hot, wasn’t it? 

But what about that marketing campaign you ran back then, too? You know, the one which surprised you by how successful it was and which you could probably repeat this year.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of reminiscing in marketing – particularly if it gives you the chance to roll out pre-made assets and messages that are already proven.

3. Have a laugh with your summer email marketing

Throw a staff BBQ, water fight or charity tennis tournament this summer. Go on, why not; apart from the lift such activities will give employees, you’ll also gain plenty of great imagery to use in your next email marketing newsletter or product push.

People love to see what goes on behind closed doors in businesses, and it’ll give you the chance to show the people behind the brand and what makes your business worth investing in as a customer.

4. Run a summer sale

If you’re not a retailer, you might view sales promotions as a bit below your operation, but they’re still an incredibly effective way to increase revenue and draw in new customers.

The summer gives you a great excuse to sell off old stock or simply reduce the cost of signing up to your service for a limited period of time.

When the sun is out, people are generally happier, and a discounted product or service is far more likely to gain their attention if they’re in that mood.

5. Ask subscribers to contribute their own content

You don’t always have to produce the content for your email marketing campaigns; your customers could be invaluable sources of content if you’re running a little dry in-house.

Keeping the summer theme in mind, why not ask subscribers to send you their own summery photos that will be shared on your company blog and sent out via email? You could ask them to take photos of themselves enjoying your products in the sunshine or jump on a national day bandwagon (see tip 1). You’ll be surprised by how many take the bait.

Wrapping up

Enjoy your summer email marketing campaigns – it’s a great time of the year to capitalise on what is usually a feel-good atmosphere, thanks to Mother Nature.

If you have any summer email marketing ideas to share, please leave them in the comments to help any readers.