Add value as an agencyAs a marketing agency, your clients look to your team to produce stellar results from the email campaigns you manage for them.

That level of pressure and expectation can often force agencies into making a common mistake: focussing only on the big stuff.

Elegant designs. Suggested rebrands. Massive product launches. You’ll feel compelled to do all you can to make each campaign a resounding success.

Unfortunately, by focusing solely on the big stuff, you’ll overlook the many opportunities in front of you.  Some that require far less effort but which can deliver a far greater impact.

We’ll look at four blindingly simple ways to add value to your clients’ email marketing campaigns.

1. Customer surveys

There’s nothing quite like hearing it from the horse’s mouth (for want of a better phrase). Surveys have long been a highly effective way to gauge customer satisfaction. The results can provide guiding lights as to how services and products could be improved.

However, before you reach for the dedicated surveying platform and spend hours crafting the perfect questionnaire, why not instead rely on a far more simple method of customer feedback?

By sending out an email campaign which simply asks customers to respond – via email – with their opinion on the service they’ve received of late. You’re likely to garner a far better engagement rate for your agency. Sure, it might mean a bulging client inbox full of feedback. But, isn’t that a rather nice problem to have?

2. Cart abandonment campaigns

If you have clients that operate in the ecommerce space, they’ll likely be all too familiar with abandoned cart syndrome. Customers regularly leave digital shopping carts strewn across their online store, failing to complete any form of purchase.  Your agency can combat this however,

Providing their ecommerce software can dig into the analytics of cart abandonment and provide email addresses for the worst offenders, you can suggest an email campaign that targets the abandoners. Why not try an “hey, come back and finish that cart!” message and enticing offer for doing so?

If your client needs convincing of the benefits offered by such campaigns, remind them that 28% of the clicks received by abandonment campaigns result in a recovered sale – they’ll soon come around!

3. Product recommendations

Another one for your eCommerce clients! Again, providing they have eCommerce software capable of providing actionable data on buyer purchase history, an email campaign that offers product recommendations to previous customers can go an awfully long way.

Let’s say your client is a photography equipment retailer. If one of their customers buys a flash gun, there’s a good chance they’ll need a constant supply of batteries afterwards. So, why not drip-feed them with reminders via email?

4. Agency re-engagement campaigns

If any of your clients provide software-as-service platforms or some other form of subscription product, they’ll regularly be met with the challenge of re-engaging lost contracts.

People try products for a few months before moving on elsewhere – that’s life in the digital economy, but re-engagement campaigns sent via email can be fantastic ways to tempt them back into your client’s world.

Reduced subscription fees for re-activation, or some other form of incentive that is of low cost to your client but of high value to the user will work wonders. Moreover, the resulting campaign requires minimal effort on your part.

Wrapping up

There’s plenty of other ways to add value to your clients’ email campaigns. However, there are few that are as simple and effective as those listed above. Try just one of our suggestions, and those stellar results will come far quicker.


Mark is one of mailingmanager's email experts. His contributions to this blog openly share the tricks, tips and best practices he's learned while running multiple e-marketing campaigns.

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