Following on from the blog earlier this month, below we have the second four of the eight trends which drive the future of email:

Location-based marketing: When smartphones and location-based social networks connect, it enables users to interact at specific physical locations. This is a powerful trend because brands engage individuals in real time and deliver real value when consumers are most receptive. Brands that offer rewards and incentives as part of location-based marketing will get customers to buy.

Millennials: Characterized as diverse, skeptical, altruistic, frugal, green, candid, and adept at multitasking, Millennials (those born between 1981 and 2000) are at the cutting edge of technology. 93 percent of this cohort spends regular and extended periods of time online. The Web is their primary source of information, news, entertainment, and a significant source of social interaction. However, millennials often confound marketers; they don’t trust traditional marketing tactics, preferring to rely instead on friends, family, or even strangers in the form of online reviews. For marketers who want to generate advocacy and create chatter about their brand among this group, it’s important to deliver relevant, timely messages specific to their needs while building connections and getting personal, without appearing inauthentic.

Social gaming: Social games are online games distributed primarily through social networks; they are among the most popular in the world.  27 percent of the online audience, will play at least one game on a social network per month this year. The industry overall is exceedingly profitable. Brands are learning that games are effective tools for engaging an audience and encouraging them to interact with your brand.

Social currency: Social media marketing done right earns social currency, which ultimately increases brand loyalty and generates results (e.g., increases in sales or recommendations). The biggest banks delivering social currency are Facebook and Twitter, each with hundreds of millions of users. Both Facebook and Twitter present captive audiences for your messages and offer great potential for advocacy. Social conversation about your brand carries a high value and succeeding in generating social currency will lead to more engaging one-on-one interactions.

The communication evolution is a constantly moving forward, but never only along one path, so by keeping pace with the latest trends and innovations, email marketers can stay onboard with the most creative and profitable ways to leverage them.