Following on from my previous post about the future direction of email marketing design, I felt it was also worthwhile looking at how these other factors are going to effect the strategic side of email marketing.

Email is not the only way to keep in touch

Email isn’t for everyone, but Social Marketing is now the enveloping term that includes email marketing and subsequently there are other channels for you to explore.  Make sure you include your other channels in all email communications.

Frequencies can change

Remember relevancy?  As long as your emails are relevant, you will keep gaining positive results.  With emails getting shorter, there will be less room in each email to put all of your valuable content in, so frequencies may have to change.

But the recipients may not see the changes

Whilst your sending frequency may increase, the modern email marketer will not be sending it to the same people each time.  Segmentation is key if you want to keep ROI high and unsubscribes low.

This is tricky if you haven’t done this before and have a list that has no segmentation, but it is something  that you can start to change easily.

Firstly, get your subscription forms in order.  Start to get segmentation included in the way you subscribe people.  Either check boxes asking them what they’d like to receive from you.  Alternatively,  you could have different distinct areas of your site that can have different subscription forms in them.

For instance, you own an online grocery store with general food, but also special diet sections.  Have separate sign up forms so you can send the people who sign up in the special diet section to only receive emails relevant to them.

For your current list, using passive segmentation could help you to increase relevancy.  You can also start to incorporate preference centres instead of unsubscribe links to see if your recipient will give you a second chance.

Email sends won’t be in bulk any more

As relevancy drives this industry forward, the “bulk email send” will become a thing of the past.  Emails will start to be sent based on the recipients history of when they were most receptive.  The time and day will start to differ to get the most out of your list, and cater for your subscriber.


Alex is an experienced marketer, with a deep interest in the digital side of marketing. He earned his BA(Hons) in Visual Communications, and brings his passions to mailingmanager.