Hot weather and email marketing

It has been some time coming, but it appears the UK is finally being blessed with a long, hot summer. And, while it can be tough sitting at a desk trying to keep your business going in such heat, it reminds us of the impact the weather can have on email marketing.

Experts believe there is a clear link between whatever Mother Nature decides to dish up and the products and services people are drawn to as a result. If the sun is shining, as it is now, email audiences are likely to be more approachable, particularly when it comes to low-cost items which require little thought before being purchased.

Similarly, if any of your products or services have a positive association with the outdoors or people’s downtime, now is a great time to start sending emails advertising them.

It might be time to start looking at your offerings in order to sniff out those that compliment these warmer climes. To help give you some inspiration, it will come as little surprise that products such as navigational software enjoy productive emarketing campaigns at this time of the year as people shun foreign holidays for those closer to their doorstep.

Camping, cycling, water sports and garden equipment are some other examples of products which will enjoy a higher-than-normal click-through rate at this time of year when the weather is shining.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we must remember that this is, after all, Britain, and we must expect the odd summer shower to make a reappearance. But fear not – this isn’t a reason to down your email marketing tools. Think again how your products and services can benefit that type of weather. The rain brings out adventurous types, so if you specialise in outdoor gear (even camping), you’ll know it can be marketed just as positively.

Poorer weather also gets people thinking about how best to spend their evenings; perfect for marketers pushing the benefits of their restaurant or dine-in meals.

You might be surprised to discover just how much of your own offering can be weather dependent. As we always recommend, take a look at some of the marketing emails you’ve received recently. There’s a good chance they’re jumping on the good weather bandwagon and it may be for products you wouldn’t initially relate to Mother Nature. Jump on that bandwagon yourself and, as always, get creative!