We now find ourselves in that strange hinterland between Christmas and the new year. If you’re not sat at home in front of the television dozing off the excesses of Christmas, you may be one of the unfortunate few who are sat at their desks considering the impending year ahead.

2013 is rapidly approaching and, while most businesses sit back, relax and recharge the batteries, no time is better to consider what next year may bring to email marketing.

Here’s some thoughts to hopefully bring you out of your festive slumber!

A survey conducted in November 2012 revealed that more than fifty percent of mobile users read email on their phones with eighty-eight percent checking for new items in their inboxes daily. That’s potentially a massive audience for your email campaigns and yet another reminder that in 2013, the majority of your subscribers will open your emails on a smartphone. It may, therefore, be wise to review your template and ensure it is mobile-ready. A responsive email design is likely to be the common way forward, as it has become for website design. By using responsive design, your email will automatically resize itself depending on the device on which it is being used. Your email marketing client provider will be able to assist further with this – ask their advice.

2013 is also likely to see a stronger focus on multi-channel digital marketing. Particularly useful for triggered, or automated email campaigns, multi-channel simply means using other means of contacting your subscribers in order to support your emails and drive more response from them. SMS texts are far from dead and can illicit a well-timed sense of urgency. If you have built smartphone apps for your business, boost the overall response from your email subscribers by sending out a timely push notification. Multi-channel marketing, when used correctly, can reinforce the value and promises offered in your email campaign with fantastic results.

More than anything, in 2013, delivering relevant content will still remain king of all successful email marketing campaigns. Offer a regular stream of highly relevant content, and you have a far better chance of staying in your subscribers’ inboxes. One last statistic to leave you with is that seventy percent of spam complaints are filed against opt-in newsletters. Those are emails people originally signed up for in anticipation of content which will mean something to them. The trick next year and beyond is to keep delivering what they want. Surprise them, amuse them, but, ultimately, engage them.

Happy New Year!


Mark is one of mailingmanager's email experts. His contributions to this blog openly share the tricks, tips and best practices he's learned while running multiple e-marketing campaigns.

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