SaleWith Christmas just around the corner, the January sales are probably the last thing on your mind at the moment. But, in the world of email marketing, preparation is everything. Any sale or promotional period provides a great email marketing opportunity, and the January sales are some of the most popular. Shoppers are keen to find the biggest bargains in the post-Christmas period, and you can use email marketing to put your company at the forefront of their minds. So, the time to prepare for your January sales marketing campaign is now!

As much time and forethought should go into your January sales mailings as went into your Christmas campaigns. Here are some tips to get you started:

Don’t Leave it Too Late

Although we still call them the ‘January sales’, in reality, most of the promotions actually start on boxing day. Last year, the Daily Mail reported that one in ten Brits were planning to queue for up to two hours on boxing day in order to get the best bargains. So, if you leave your January sales promotion until after Christmas, the chances are that you will miss the boat. Let your customers know about your January sale before Christmas to give them time to plan their shopping. If you have an engaging email and some compelling offers, your customers might change their mind about braving the shops on boxing day and shop online instead. Send out a message like this one from Pepperberry, showing your customers what bargains they can grab in your sale:

Pepperberry Sale

Give Your Subscribers Extra Value

People who subscribe to a mailing list are, generally, loyal customers who have an interest in your company. You can use your January sales campaign to reward these customers for their loyalty throughout the year. Offer them something extra that regular visitors to your website won’t get, such as a further discount off sale items or a free gift.

Last year, Expedia gave their subscribers a ‘preview’ of their sale before it was officially launched:

Expedia Preview

Something like this is fairly simple to implement and helps to build excitement and anticipation around your sale. Giving subscribers early access to the sale shows them that they are valued, and including words like ‘limited availability’ encourages people to snap up bargains quickly.

Let Them Know When the Sale Ends

Over the Christmas/ January sales period, your subscribers’ inboxes are going to be saturated with promotional emails. Your campaign could end up getting ‘lost’ in a busy inbox, no matter how good it is. Don’t just limit your marketing campaign to one perfectly crafted email. Send out a few different emails to keep your customers informed about your sale. It’s also a good idea to let your customers know when your sale is going to end. This can help them make up their mind if they are unsure about making a purchase.

Neom Organics did this last January:

Neom Sale
This email uses just the right level of urgency to encourage their customers to shop with them sooner rather than later. The extra 10% off that they are offering should also be enough to encourage even the most reluctant of their subscribers to, at least, take a look at their sale offerings.

A January sales campaign is a great way to inspire your customers and re-engage with your less active subscribers. Plan ahead, and you should achieve email marketing success well into the new year.