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Email marketing is regularly associated with newsletters, such is the frequency with which they are sent by some businesses. But what if your business or organisation doesn’t send newsletters?

What if your email marketing strategy focusses on delivering highly visual or multimedia-based content to your subscribers? There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, and it is a tactic regularly employed by businesses in industries such as fashion, motoring and design.

For the visual email marketers out there, we’ve got some tips to help you get the most from your messages.

Sign up to Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the youngest social media networks around, but it is already staggeringly popular. According to a recent survey, 23% or Pinterest users make a purchase after using the site. The trick is to get them to your Pinterest board in the first place, and email marketing can be a fantastic way to do so.

If you want to send an email highlighting several products, pick one to focus on in the message, then provide a link to the others on your Pinterest board. The likelihood is, if they click that link, you’ll have near instant engagement and a very good chance of a sale.

Don’t go mad

It may be tempting to adorn your email with lots of attractive imagery, but before you do… stop! Seasoned marketing professionals know all too well that too many choices can harm sales figures. Don’t overwhelm your audience. Pick an image which carries your primary message and offer a clear call to action. More often than not, just that single image will create enough interest for people to click.

Think preview pane

You image-based email will only work if people can see the image in question. Sound obvious? More than 50% of people view emails in their client’s preview pane and 67% of them have images turned off. There’s nothing you can do to force your image through in such circumstances, but you can seek assistance from your subject line and opening paragraph. Tell the reader clearly what your email is about – this will work for you, even when the image can’t.


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