White labellingOut of the box, email marketing clients such as mailingmanager are a fantastic way to unlock the business potential of email. After signing up, you can literally get started importing contact lists and sending multiple campaigns straight away.

However, you may not be aware that such software can in fact be white labelled. Put simply, that means it can be branded and re-sold by other companies. Doing so removes any mention of the name ‘mailingmanager’ and enables businesses to provide an email marketing service under their own banner.

But, why would they want to re-sell an email marketing client?

Who would benefit from white labelling?

There are two types of organisations which can benefit from providing an email marketing system under their own brand:

  1. Businesses that already (or wish to) extend their offering to include marketing services. Email marketing is one of the most effective out there, so being able to provide an off-the-shelf product to conduct the whole process will be warmly received by clients.
  2. Businesses with multiple outlets or large estates which conduct their own marketing efforts. Providing a head office-branded email marketing solution to each outlet or property maintains brand consistency and increases the feeling of them being part of a much bigger picture. Branch managers can be given a tool which will provide a measurable return on their marketing spend.

How to resell a white labelled system

So, we’ve hopefully sparked your interest above. You may sit in one of those camps. Either way, you’ll now be asking how on earth you sell this custom-branded email marketing solution to your customers or branch managers. We’ve got 5 tips to help get you started:

1. When it comes to marketing, email wins

Your customers may not have discovered the sheer power of email. A report by the Software Advice Survey revealed that 40% of business-to-business companies rated the leads provided by email marketing as high quality.  There are over 3.6 billion email accounts in existence and it is believed that 90% of consumers check their email daily. Heard email’s dead? No chance. Not even social media can stop it. Speak to your customers or branch managers and ask if they’ve tested the email waters yet. If they haven’t, you could have just the solution for them.

2. Capitalise on the growth of mobile

The number of emails opened on mobile devices is currently around half of all emails opened. Think about that for a minute. Practically everyone now has a smartphone nestling in their pocket, or a tablet sitting by the side of the sofa. What’s the first device you go to when checking your own inbox? Emails and handheld web devices go hand in hand. PC sales are nose diving, while mobiles are soaring. It therefore goes without saying that the number of people emails can potentially reach is mind-boggling. Your customers can reach these people quickly with an email marketing client. White labelling enables you to offer them a solution which will make the process of creating and sending mobile-ready emails a piece of cake and, because you don’t have to develop or maintain the software yourself, you gain all the advantages of a software developer – without the considerable technical work required behind the scenes!

3. Build a solid contact list

Most businesses will have a contact list of both existing and potential clients. However, the value of these lists is questionable if they’re simply residing in a spreadsheet somewhere. Email marketing can realise the true potential of these lists. Your customers or branch managers could be getting far more from theirs – they just need to be aware of the latent sales potential sitting in those spreadsheets. They will need to gain permission to email from the people contained within the data, but once that’s done, website content and promotions can be instantly amplified. They may be limping along and spending a fortune on paper-based advertising and snail mail. Your white labelled email marketing solution is the answer to the question they weren’t even aware they were asking.

4. Increase ROI – everyone’s a winner

Email marketing is one of, if not the, most cost-effective forms of marketing. That’s an opening line any one of your customers will take note of. They’ll listen even closer when you explain that, with just a few clicks, a message can be sent to curated and segmented lists of customers at a fraction of the cost of print and pay-per-clik advertising. What’s more, you can set your own price structure with most white labelling schemes, therefore you can protect your own bottom line while giving your customers a service they will genuinely see a return on.

5. Respond quickly and elegantly

Making emails look nice isn’t easy, but if you can provide your customers or branch managers with a system which enables pre-branded templates to simply be modified, text and image-wise for each email campaign, they’ll love you. Similarly, when you tell them that a last minute idea for an offer or urgent product update can be sent out within minutes, you’ll make their day. Email is quicker, more targeted and more attractive than other forms of digital marketing can ever hope to be.

To find out more about mailingmanager’s white label option, click here.


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