One of the best ways to get your email marketing efforts noticed is to create content that links in some way to trending topics.

This isn’t a new tactic. Marketing has always been at its best when it slots effortlessly into current news, events and popular culture.

The tricky bit lies in finding the trending topics on which to base your campaigns. A quick scour of the BBC News website might prove fruitful. However there are actually some fantastic, free tools you can use to find what’s really pushing people’s buttons at this moment in time.

Trending Topics in most popular question


It’s fair to suggest that Twitter could be the only free tool you’ll ever need to find trending topics! Because, that’s one of its greatest features.

From the Twitter smartphone app, you can simply tap the little magnifying glass icon to view current trending topics. By default, it will display trends that are personalised for you. However, while that might suffice, it’s advisable to turn this feature off to see worldwide trends (the little ‘gear’ settings icon should let you do this).

Trending topics change by the minute on Twitter, but the app does a brilliant job at showing you the most prevalent. Dive in!

Twitter Trending TopicsFeedly

Chances are, you have a shed load of blogs or favourite websites from which you glean news and insight on industry-related matters.

The problem? Sifting through them all!

Thankfully, Feedly offers a brilliant way to bring all of your favourite content-generating websites under one hood. You can categorise your collections of websites and one click will immediately display the latest and most popular posts.

Reddit busy online communityMedium

Medium is a brilliant, free-to-play publishing platform for writers and publishers.

It’s used by some big names and content creators from all manner of niches. Therefore, you’re bound to find trending topics related to your industry.

Medium gives you the ability to search by types of content and will suggest similar pieces based on the one you’re currently reading. It’s a goldmine of potentially inspirational content ideas for your email marketing campaigns. Pay particular attention to the ‘popular on Medium’ section!


If you’re yet to use Quora, you’re missing out. It’s a brilliant platform on which to find trending content.

This is largely because people use it as a gateway to expert answers or general public opinion. Look for the most popular questions being asked and you’ll quickly start to build a picture of what matters in your sector or among your target audience.

Blog, favourite website, news and insightReddit

Reddit is similar to Quora in principle but is arguably the more bustling online community.

If you can look past some of the more questionable topics and commentary (hey, each to their own, right?!), you’ll find communities that will really give you a steer on what’s currently trending.

The site helps users view content based on popularity, so make sure you flip that particular switch while browsing.


Once it was nothing more than a way to show off based on how many connections you have. The Facebook of the business world is now a brilliant platform for finding trending content.

LinkedIn Pulse is the feature to look for. It’ll show you what people are talking about right now. Moreover, because LinkedIn is so attuned to your industry, it should provide only the most relevant content.

Trending topics for the win

You need worry no more about finding trending content. Use the tools above, and you’ll always be hot on the trail of anything that can be used to fuel your email marketing campaigns.