As an events company, you know what’s hot and what’s not, and are not afraid to embrace new technology to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the entertainment industry.

Why, then, aren’t you using email marketing campaigns to promote your business?

After all, event management relies on building great relationships with clients and suppliers. Keeping them informed at all times is vital to your success.

Maybe you’ve tried email marketing campaigns in the past, but have been underwhelmed by the response?  Whatever it is that’s keeping you from joining the millions already creating regular, stress free mailing solutions, we’d like to help.

Here’s some examples of tried and tested email marketing campaign techniques for events companies that really do work:

1. Know your audience

As an events company, you will already have an extensive list of interested parties just waiting to be reached out to.

The key to good event management is approaching the right people for the right event, and email can help massively here.

You may already have a cast of many waiting in the wings to receive your email, or you might want to set up a data capture page on your website to gather interest in a particular event. Whichever way you approach it, it’s important to understand that mass mail outs to all and sundry will not provide you with the response you’re looking for.

Targeted campaigns will work far better, and for that, you’ll need to start segmenting your list.

2. Take a personal approach

Nothing says, “we’re just hitting as many recipients as possible” more than a standard salutation or generic email address.

People buy from people. Send your emails from a proper address attached to a real name. Also, don’t inundate the recipient with a barrage of information. Think of it as a telephone call, or a real-life conversation.

You’re telling your subscribers the details about one specific event. And, you want them to feel as excited about it as you are.

3. Keep it simple

If you want your recipient to open your email to the sound of fanfare and fireworks exploding overhead, you’re in for a disappointment.

Simple, informative emails work far better than those that are full of bells and whistles.  Keep your template easy to read, and your branding, colours and design cohesive.

Be aware that not everyone will have easy access to Wi-Fi or mobile data. Moreover, including a text-only version in the send will ensure everyone gets to read your hard work, regardless of their level of connectivity.

4. Your call to action is key

You might have penned the most brilliantly crafted promotional email ever, but if you forget to tell the reader how to buy, call or sign up for your event then, sorry… you’ve failed.

The call to action is the most basic attribute every marketing email should have. Yet, you’d be amazed by how many businesses forget to add one.

Once you’ve whipped your recipient into a frenzy with an eye-opening headline, make sure they can quickly and easily find out how to get in touch or purchase tickets.

They’ll only be poised to buy within a very short window, so your “buy now” button needs to stand out from everything else on the email.

5. Start off strong

Your email subject line can make or break an event.  If you’re sending out emails with subject lines so boring that they’re instantly deleted, you have zero chance of building your audience using email marketing.

You don’t have to be a creative genius to make this work, you just need to identify exactly what it is you’re promoting and who you’re promoting to. A clear, strong, concise message that inspires, excites and explains is all you need.

If your event company needs to create dynamic, effective email marketing campaigns, we can help with every aspect. Contact us today to find out how.