UK Black Friday 2017 will be held on Friday, 24th November. It’s yet another chance for retailers to draw in big crowds who are thirsty for the best possible deals.

If your business is based in retail and you want to make the most of UK Black Friday, you’ll need to turn to email marketing – plain and simple. It remains the best way to get your offers out in advance and ensure the digital till continues to ring all day on the 24th.

You need to be prepared. With that date fast approaching, we’ve got a handy Black Friday email marketing checklist for you to keep by your side:

Set your goals

Sure, you could just slash the prices on a bunch of old lines this Black Friday.  Or, you could instead base the sale period on some specific commercial goals.

This day must align with your existing goals to effectively measure its success.

Make sure you set a clear revenue goal. Start crafting the offers and messaging around that to ensure you grab consumers’ attention and retain a satisfactory return.

Work your subject lines

Subject lines are always important, but at times like this, they become the difference between Black Friday success and Black Friday disaster.

Ensure mobile optimisation is bang-on

When testing Black Friday emails, make sure you spend the majority of your time on their mobile-readiness.

People will be hit with numerous emails that day and they’re likely to triage most of them on their smartphone. That means yours needs to instantly hit them between the eyes and not look dreadful on that smaller screen. If it does, it’ll quickly be the victim of ‘swipe to delete’.

Much like killer subject lines, mobile-readiness is always important with email marketing. It’s life-or-death, sales-wise, during UK Black Friday.

Think carefully about send dates and times

Research suggests that fifty percent of people check their email while in bed. And that’s a sizeable chunk, but it doesn’t mean you should schedule all of your Black Friday emails to arrive late at night or early in the morning.

Think about your audience. When are they most likely to be checking their emails? There’s no one-size-fits-all approach you can take here. So, try segmenting your audience to test different times of the day and week.

Send out a few teasers

Learn from Hollywood. Send out a few teaser ‘trailers’ for your UK Black Friday offers.

This is a great way to remind people the biggest sales day of the year is approaching, and with just an alluring graphic and short piece of copy, you’ll whet their appetite for what’s to come.

This approach should ensure they’ll be ready and waiting in anticipation for that eventual special offer email on the big day.

Wrapping up

Black Friday, if truth be told, is in danger of swallowing itself up, so big has the international day of sales become. Despite this, people are still captivated by it and their desire to spend during that day will be heightened.

Use our checklist above, and your email marketing campaign may well be the catalyst to make them part with their hard earned money and spend it with your business!