Valentine's emailsTomorrow is Valentine’s day. That means two things:

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  2. If you haven’t leveraged the power of Valentine’s day to aid your email marketing campaigns, time is similarly of the essence.


It doesn’t matter if you’re selling feather dusters or dining spaces at a restaurant, February 14th can be used to your advantage every year when it comes to promoting your brand via email.

Last week, I offered an overtly obvious example of this from Apple. Today, I’ve got a far, far more subtle example which may or may not have been intended by the sender, but which also gives me the perfect excuse to cover another topic: linking your email marketing efforts to your social media presence.

Here’s the subject line of the email I received recently:

Email subject line example

So, they’ve started their subject line with a hashtag, which is the start of the link to social media. They’ve also used the word ‘beautiful’ which (and I’m not in a position to confirm if this was indeed intentional) is unequivocally linked to tomorrow’s celebration of love and romance. It’s just a word. One single word, used at the right time. It got me interested, as did the rest of that subject line (talk about a cliff-hanger).

Above-the-fold (the bit we see first), we’re treated to the following:

Email body


Granted, one of the most recognised brands in the world, but it doesn’t mean they can be lazy with it; we’re left in no doubt as to who we’re dealing with here (think your subscribers will always know who you are? Think again). And there’s that word again.

The next part of the email explains what this email is all about, and it might not be what we were expecting:

Email body


I’ll be honest – they had me fooled. I was expecting something more Valentine’s-ish. This may partly be because I’m not based in the US and nor did I watch the Super Bowl, but it is a brilliant example of grabbing someone’s attention, and, rather than dashing their hopes, giving them something else to ponder. A surprise.

I clicked ‘Learn More’. I probably wouldn’t have done if they hadn’t been so creative with the email.

Coca-Cola have clearly got two very joined up departments in email marketing and social media. The latter created and curated the buzz by getting the #AmericaIsBeautiful hashtag out there and trending. Spotting this as an opportunity to communicate its success to subscribers, the email marketing team have picked up the conversation and continued it both in their customer’s inboxes and on the landing pages you reach after clicking-through.

If you’re trying to create a buzz about your company on social media and you experience particular success with a hashtag or interaction, use it as the sole reason to send your next email campaign. And, if you can before tomorrow, link it to love, romance and all things beautiful.


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