Hello emailIt’s a brand new year. The festivities are over and we are all, no doubt, feeling ready to take on another twelve months. It’s a reflective time, and one during which we can also consider the importance of those simple things.

For example, saying ‘hello’. We do it throughout the day in person, but what about email marketing? Believe it or not, businesses all too often forget to perform that most basic of tasks when someone signs up to their mailing list. Not saying hello can put subscribers off straight away.

When you gain a new subscriber, they are entrusting you with a prized possession – their email address. You need to react quickly to this and thank them for their generosity. A ‘welcome’ email will do just that.

It is believed that welcome emails enjoy four times more opens and up to five times more clicks that any other email. This is likely because, within the first week or two of signing up, a subscriber is at a heightened level of engagement. You have to make the most of that, as it will dilute rather quickly.

Here’s a little snippet of a welcome email I received last year:

Welcome email example

There’s a little more to it than that, but I wanted to demonstrate how important it is to get the ‘above the fold’ section right. The bit your new subscriber sees straight away. Above, we have an engaging image which is entirely related to the service I’ve signed up for. Below, they address me by my name and after the short introduction, they tempt me to start hitting their landing pages. I did just that.

Want to see the rest? Go on then:

Email example

The rest of the email is dedicate to telling my why the service will benefit me. What it includes, how much it costs and exactly what I can do with it. They don’t ramble and I know exactly what I can expect.

Certainly, after this, I felt very welcomed. All because they took the time to say hello.

The example above is of course as a result of signing up to a service, but the same principals apply to email sign-ups of any kind.

I’ll finish this post with a few tips on creating awesome hello emails:

  • Try and include the word ‘Welcome’ in the subject line and, if possible, personalise it – it shows you care
  • Ensure the email is sent well within one week – the same day of sign up, is ideal
  • Think about what your goal is. They’ve signed up, but what do you want them to do? What steps should they take first?
  • Set expectations. Don’t dilly dally – tell the new subscriber exactly what they will get from you or the service they’ve signed up for
  • Ask for some additional data. Don’t be afraid to ask for more details about the subscriber – now is the perfect time to do so
  • Request that your email address is added to their safe sender or whitelist. That will ensure you get off on the right foot and that all future emails will end up where they should


Lastly, keep it brief. Don’t say too much. You’ve got, hopefully, a long relationship ahead – you don’t need to fit every conversation into one email. Take your time and simply welcome them into your fold. They’ll love you for it.


Main image courtesy of nokhoog_buchachon / freedigitalphotos.net


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