I have brushed upon this subject in a previous post but as this Spamhaus DBL is coming into place, it is worth going into more detail.As I’m sure most of you know, sending reputation has been predominantly based on the IP address that your mail is originating from.  This means that if you had a serious blacklisting problem on your sending IP address, you could just move to another address and your reputation would start again.

With domain listing, you can’t escape as easily.  Your sending domain, regardless of the IP you’re on will still have that listing against it.  Obviously, the IP reputation will still be a bug factor but this added factor of domain based reputation means the sender has culpability for their actions.

So you can’t now escape your bad sending practices – definitely a good thing for the future of email marketing but what could that mean for you?  Well, let’s say you are a good sender but fall into trouble for some reason; you could end up having your works email address blocked due to your marketing activity.

A good way to avoid this is to put all of your marketing mails onto a different domain so that any of the repercussions of your marketing activities don’t directly effect the day to day running of your company.

Of course, that should never happen in the first place if you are a legitimate conscientious sender.