The reports for your sent email campaigns may often throw up an interesting statistic – the number of multiple opens from certain subscribers.

After all, why would anyone need to keep opening your email?

Obviously, it may simply be down to you having absolutely nailed the content; it’s clearly as engaging as you had intended. However, multiple opens can actually tell you a great deal about your subscribers. So much so, that it’s possible to put them into four different groups:

1) The sharer

This person values your content. They value it enough to pass it on to others and, depending on the email marketing software you are using, it is likely that the open by that third party is counted as an open against the original subscriber.This makes it more important than ever for you to encourage subscribers to pass on your emails either via a simple forward link within the email itself, or via social share buttons. The ultimate benefit from this, besides multiple opens, is that you may indeed gain more subscribers.

2) The fan

These are the subscribers you can count on every time. They are big fans of your company and of your products or services. In fact, they value the content of your email so much that they keep going back for more. Once again, adding the ability to easily share your emails will enable your fans to do the hard work for you and further the reach of your message.

3) The mobile receiver

This person is out and about. They are therefore more likely to receive your email on the go. The reason for their second open may be one of two. They may also be a fan and therefore simply want to view the content again later. Alternatively, it could also be down to the design of your email; if it isn’t easily viewable on the mobile device but includes enough intrigue to be revisited, the mobile receiver will likely read it again later on their desktop computer. Test this out on yourself – how mobile friendly are your emails?

4) The previewer

Unfortunately, it’s possible that this person isn’t actually opening your email multiple times. If they’ve got a preview pane active in their email client (very few don’t offer such functionality these days), your full email may be displayed as they hunt through their inbox. Open rates are calculated when certain images within your email are loaded within an email client. Every time the image is loaded, that counts as an open. For that reason, preview pane ‘fly-bys’ – depending on the client in question – may repeatedly load that image and count as false opens. To capture the attention of these people, ensure the main message in your email is at the top and prominent. Then, as they scroll through their inbox, they’ll be more easily engaged and deal with your email there and then.


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