best-email-marketing-softwareTime and again, email marketing has been proven to be an extremely efficient and cost effective way to promote your business and engage your customers. Implementing an email marketing strategy for your business is simple, particularly with the help of specialist software. No matter what the size or nature of your business is, email marketing software could benefit you. But, which features of email marketing software will benefit your business most? Here’s a simple guide:

In House Marketing

If your business does all its marketing in house, email marketing software can be incredibly useful. Your marketing team may not have extensive knowledge of email design. Therefore, software that offers email templates will simplify the creation of professional-looking marketing emails. These ready-made templates will help ensure your marketing emails look great, are deliverable and achieve results.

Implementing an email marketing campaign does not require your in house team to be fluent in HTML. If they can use a word processor, email marketing software will enable them to create an effective campaign. With a WYSIWYG campaign editor, your team will be able to easily put together an email newsletter without having to battle through HTML and complicated jargon.

Agency Marketing

Although your marketing agency may have a dedicated email marketing department, you could still benefit from specialist software. Email marketing software can help to streamline your processes and make your department more effective and efficient.

In your agency, it’s likely that you’re dealing with important clients with large subscriber lists. Email marketing software can be used to send bulk email efficiently, keeping it out of the Spam folders and achieving the desired results. It can also be used to target your email marketing campaigns more effectively. With list segmentation, you can group subscribers based on their previous habits. This can enable you to make your campaigns more relevant and, therefore, increase their open rates.

Small Business Marketing

A small business needs help to grow and achieve their full potential. If you run a small business, email marketing software could be just the tool you need. By using lead management features, all the effort is taken out of building your subscriber list. You won’t have to put in a lot of your precious time and effort into finding new customers; your email marketing software will simply work for you.

You can also use email marketing software to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and check your money is being spend wisely! You can use software to get in-depth open and click-though reports of your campaigns to see which elements are performing best. You can then use this information to make adjustments and improvements to your future campaigns.

Local Marketing

Even though your local business may not have as wide a reach as other types of businesses, email marketing campaigns and software can still be used to your advantage. Only local businesses can provide the personal touch and dedicated service that customers really appreciate. With email marketing software, you can add custom personalisation to your marketing emails, continuing that personal touch that your customers have grown to love.

As a local business, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to send emails out to huge number of subscribers. You may only want to send out a few. For example, you may wish to offer a discount to your most valued customers, or suggest new products based on what certain customers have bought before. With email marketing software, you can precisely target emails to certain groups of contacts based on their previous activity. So, even though your contact list may be relatively small, your customers will still be getting exactly what they want.

Email marketing software is packed with features that can help businesses both large and small. Whatever type of business you run, there are features of email marketing software that can benefit you.