In my last post, I talked about the problem of lapsed email subscribers; people who receive your emails but rarely, or never, engage with them. By analysing and segmenting your mailing list, you can send targeted messages with the aim of reengaging with lapsed subscribers.

When trying to win back lapsed email subscribers, it’s no good to just keep sending them variations on your usual mail outs. Your messages should offer something new that captures the interest of the reader. Here are some ideas for messaging campaigns that are designed to get your lapsed subscribers to read your messages and engage with your company again:


For your subscribers that are recently lapsed, you could simply send them a message asking if they would still like to receive your mailings. Give the message an engaging subject line that will stand out in their inbox and, in the body of the message, give them a taste of what they’ll miss out on if they unsubscribe. This is a chance to remind your customers of why they subscribed to your messages in the first place.


If you have subscribers that have only been lapsed for a few months, an opportunity to interact with your brand could reengage them. A survey will give them a chance to let you know why they stopped participating with your company, and will give you a chance to hear some honest feedback. You could then use the feedback to shape your future email marketing campaigns.

Special Offers

If a subscriber is no longer engaging with your emails, it could be because they think your company has nothing to offer them. An irresistible special offer could change their mind. Make your message stand out in their crowded inbox by offering them something that appeals to them. This is particularly useful for subscribers that have been lapsed for 6 months or more.

If you have subscribers that still fail to engage after these messages, it is probably safe to remove them from your mailing list.