New YearWith Christmas almost upon us, it’s now time to turn our attention away from the festive season and towards the New Year. But, before you start planning your next 12 months of email marketing campaigns, take the time to wish your subscribers a happy New Year. The New Year is a time when people are motivated, eager to find a bargain and keen to be inspired. This makes it a great time to try some email marketing techniques. Here are some of the ways you can inspire your customers this New Year:


Although only a handful of New Year’s resolutions will be kept, many people start January with the best of intentions. Your email marketing campaigns can help inspire your customers to make New Year’s resolutions, and even help them keep them throughout the year.

Many people start the New Year determined to get more fit and healthy. Use this as an angle for your email marketing campaigns. Tesco uses their New Year campaign to showcase their range of fitness products:

Tesco Fitness

Although this email is simple and light on copy, it does everything it needs to do. It clearly shows that it is aimed at people who have made fitness their New Year’s resolution and, by showing that their fitness products have been reduced, it could inspire their less motivated customers to take the plunge.

Even if you don’t sell fitness products, you could still inspire your customers to get healthier in the New Year. For example, restaurants could showcase the healthy dishes on their menu, and travel companies could advertise spa breaks or walking holidays. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be things that make your customers healthier – Medic Animal used their new year campaign to show owners how they could improve the health of their pets:

Medic Animal New Year

New Products

The New Year is also the ideal time to get your customers excited about your new product ranges. Send an email with a link to your new product range. Weber did this last year:

Weber New Products

As well as informing your customers about the new products, you can also take this opportunity to give your subscribers extra value. You can give them a preview of the new products before they officially go on sale, or offer a subscribers-only discount.

A new product launch is also a great time to introduce a new offer or promotion. Last January, Avon had half price deals on their new products, along with a free gift:


Avon OffersBest of the Year

As well as informing your customers about your new product ranges, you can also use your New Year mailings to showcase your best selling, or highest rated, products from the past year. This could help introduce your customers to exciting products that they may have missed when they were originally launched. For their recent campaign, Mobile Phones Direct offered special deals on the smartphones that had been voted the best of 2014:

Mobile Phones Direct

Customers are very receptive to inspiration and special offers in the new year. With a little creativity, your email marketing can help inspire your customers well into 2015.

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