England and email positivityLet’s not get ahead of ourselves. At the time of writing, England have just beaten Columbia to reach the quarter finals of the World Cup. The first time in twelve years!  Bringing in the positivity.

We’ve not won it yet, but as cars cruise through the country’s streets with England flags billowing in the wind and horns sounded to the melody of Three Lions, no one can deny there’s a collective sense of positivity across the nation.

For marketers, this is great news. It means we can play off this positive vibe to create our very best campaigns.

Here’s how you can do just that with email marketing:

Fill your copy with positive vibes

If you’re feeling particularly sprightly about England’s performance during this World Cup (or anything else, for that matter), pick the time when you’re feeling most upbeat to write the copy for your email campaign.

This will make the process far easier (working when happy is when we’re at our most productive, after all). You’ll find that you inadvertently fill the copy with positive vibes and words that scream “read me!”.

Pick a header image that makes you smile

Finding the right imagery for an email campaign is tricky, but if you’re in a good mood, you’ll be able to more easily spot the images that will engage your audience.

As you’re trawling through your image catalogue or stock photo library, stop when you find one that widens the smile on your face. Providing it isn’t offensive, it doesn’t even matter if it isn’t directly relatable to your campaign. Sometimes, a happy image that has no other purpose than to make the recipient smile and carry on reading is all you need.

Think about how valuable your subscribers are

Crafting an email marketing campaign is often hard work, and you’re not alone if you’ve occasionally got halfway through and thought “why am I even bothering with this?”.

If that happens, call on every ounce of positivity you have available to remind yourself of how valuable your subscribers are. Even those who haven’t bought anything from you are incredibly important to your business. The email you’re creating is for them.

They’ve given you plenty of engagement already, and this campaign will be no different.

Look back at past successful email campaigns

If you need a bit of inspiration for creating the best possible email, take a look at past successful campaigns.

We’re working on the basis today that you’re already in a good mood. By looking at the stats that indicate email marketing success, you’ll remind yourself that you’re absolutely capable of doing this. What’s more, you’ll be able to identify what worked in those past instances, and replicate them in this new campaign.

Take a break if it all gets too much

You’re not superhuman; your positivity will wane at some stage.

If that happens, and you reach the point where you can no longer see the wood for the trees, take a break. Walk the dog, work on something else or watch England’s penalty shootout against Columbia again. You’ll find that when you return, the inspiration and desire to knock this email out of the park will be right where you left it.

Wrap it up England

We deserve a bit of good fortune in this country, but no matter how much further Southgate’s men travel through this World Cup, they’ve already given us all plenty of inspiration to do our own best work!

p.s. it’s coming home…