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Build better converting landing pages and fully customisable forms

mailingmanager's inbuilt landing page builder provides the perfect balance of tools all under one roof... Convert visitors from your paid ads to paying customers on landing pages fully built in the platform.

Landing pages that get results

Imagine a subscriber list that could grow automatically with minimal input from you. mailingmanager's lead management features will do just that by making your website work harder with sign-up forms potential customers will want to fill out.

Landing Page Builder
Data Policy

GDPR compliant Data Processing

Ensure your Landing pages are GDPR complaint with the option to drag and drop an agreement checkbox above your submit buttons.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications Opt-in

Drop in an "Agree to Marketing Communications" checkbox option above your submit buttons or alongside your GDPR complaint checkboxes.

Website Signup Forms Customisable Error Messages Customisable Success Pages
Website Signup Forms

Website Signup Forms

If people are visiting your website, you'll want to add them to your email marketing list. With mailingmanager you can do just that by quickly adding fully-branded, simple sign-up forms to any webpage.

Import Contacts

Customisable Error Messages

Produce custom form submit error messages that suits the tone and humour of your audience.

Contact Activity

Customisable Success Pages

Customisable success pages can really help keep your brand message consistent across every online touch point.

Key features

Background Images

Background Images

Create stunning landing pages with the ability to add customisable backgrounds for maximum visual impact.

Trigger Workflows

Trigger Workflows

Nurture prospects as soon as they enter your funnel with marketing automation - which can be easily deployed after someone completes your landing page form.


Add to CRM

When a form is completed use our API or integrations to instantly add the data to your CRM.