Email Marketing, an ideal fit for Agencies

Email marketing, at its core, is a very simple concept: as with any marketing tool, it provides a means of informing consumers of a particular product or service, and of advertising the positives of said product or service to them. Of course, due to the nature of agency work, email marketing software can be used in a number of ways, primarily for the purposes of either advertising the services of the agency itself, or promoting the services of clients.

The particular effectiveness of the email marketing service that we provide at MailingManager is in its discreet delivery, the detail and quality of marketing information that can be contained within each message, and the ease with which consumers are able to check said messages.

This is supported by the amount of email clients that are accessible through mobile devices, and the widespread modern use of mobile internet, which both ensure that email marketing has a large and receptive audience. Considering the multi layered approach that an agency will be taking on its marketing efforts, targeting both potential clients and consumers on behalf of clients, the effectiveness of MailingManager powered email campaigns is particularly notable.

The effectiveness of email campaigns are not just a matter of opinion on our part; there's a wide range of statistics available that make its power abundantly clear:

  • In terms of overall reach, there were 3.3 billion email accounts open worldwide in 2012, with this figure expected to rise to 4.3 billion by the end of 2016 (Radicati)
  • 92% of adults that are active online utilise email, with 61% using email everyday (Pew Research Internet Project)
  • Email has been proven to be 40x more effective than the most popular social media sites, when it comes to acquiring new clients (McKinsey & Company)

How would my Agency benefit from working with Mailing Manager?

A comprehensive email campaign can form a key part of the promotion of an agency; allowing them to show their value to potential and past clients. For example, email marketing is a great way to pass on statistical evidence of an agency’s excellent performance to prospective clients, simultaneously demonstrating a particular agency’s skill, and the value that they can provide for future clients. Combined with a persuasive call to action, such an approach can provide a real upswing to the number of clients on an agency’s books.

Agency email templates

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From the perspective of internal use within an agency, email marketing delivers similarly effective functionality; providing an easy means to keep clients updated with developments on their campaigns, share pertinent information with clients in specific industry sectors, and schedule regular automated communication emails from a template.

This functionality puts a lot of power in the hands of agencies, while simultaneously allowing them to maximise their operating efficiency.

The ability to create bespoke email templates makes the construction of client reports extremely easy, while the functionality provided by having easily sortable lists of recipients for emails also makes sending a report quickly and efficiently to the right client/clients exceptionally simple. The white label service that we provide here at MailingManager is perfect for this client facing purpose, as it allows agencies to fully brand their email campaigns.

Of course, MailingManager’s services can also be fully utilised for the purpose of working on a client’s campaign, providing the means to easily implement campaigns for their benefit, and prospect on their behalf. This is the other area in which our white labelling service can be of particular use, as it enables agencies to resell our service, giving clients another reason to stay in the fold, while also providing the agency with an additional revenue stream.