Email Marketing: An Important Tool for Charities

As a charity, your priority is to raise awareness (and funds) for your cause. This can be done by communicating regularly with your supporters and potential donors. Regular communication will help ensure that your cause is kept at the forefront of people's minds. But, with a limited marketing budget, it can be difficult to reach out to people as often as your would like.

Thankfully, email marketing offers charities and effective and affordable way to communicate with supporters. With the power of email, you can potentially reach out to millions of people at a time. Emails can also be forwarded and replied to, helping your charity to expand its reach and strengthen relationships with its supporters.


Here at MailingManager, we can provide you will all the tools your need to set up a email marketing campaign for your charity. Our highly trained team can work with you to create a bespoke email template, give you tools to build your mailing list, and guide you along every step of your email campaign. With our help, you'll soon see the benefits email marketing has to offer.

What Benefits Does Email Marketing Offer Charities?

As well as being affordable and efficient, emails are welcomed by recipients, particularly those from charities. Unlike many other marketing methods, emails aren't intrusive or irritating. Subscribers enjoy reading them, and are often more than happy to forward interesting messages to their families, friends and colleagues:

  • 49% of subscribers reading half or more of the charity emails they receive. (Wired Wealthy Report)
  • 42% of subscribers have forwarded a message from a charity to a friend or colleague. (Wired Wealthy Report)

Emails can be incredibly effective in building support and raising funds for your charity, but their potential reaches far beyond that. Marketing emails also can help encourage people to volunteer for your charity; something which may have otherwise required an expensive recruitment campaign:

Charity email templates

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  • 70% of people aged 20-35 would look into volunteer opportunities after being contacted by a non profit. (The Millenial Impact)

With the help of MailingManager's expert team, you will soon begin to see the benefits of email marketing for yourself.