Email Marketing for Churches

In recent years, the way churches communicate with their members (and attract new members) has changed. With people becoming more transient, and communities becoming more divided, churches are having to look to new ways to spread their message and keep their congregation informed.

Without the budget for a large advertising campaign, how can you ensure your church stays connected to your community in this modern world? Email marketing provides the ideal solution. Our expert team at MailingManager can work with you to create an email campaign that will be the perfect fit for your church. From preparing a custom template to building your list to starting and maintaing your campaign, we can help you and your church along every step of the way.


Here at MailingManager, we can provide you will all the tools your need to set up a email marketing campaign for your charity. Our highly trained team can work with you to create a bespoke email template, give you tools to build your mailing list, and guide you along every step of your email campaign. With our help, you'll soon see the benefits email marketing has to offer.

How Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Place of Worship

Email is further reaching than any other marketing method. There are millions of email accounts worldwide. Everyone who receives your newsletter could potentially forward it to a friend, who could forward it to another friend, and so on. With email marketing, the message of your church could spread much further than your local community.

Church email templates

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Your emails can be sent at a frequency that suits you, and can contain almost anything. You can inform your subscribers about fund-raising efforts or special events, or help them strengthen their faith. The versatility of email makes it a useful tool to keep your members consistently engaged and informed.

But, don't just take our word for it. The statistics make the efficacy of email marketing clear:

  • Email is far-reaching. There are more than 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide (Radicati)
  • Email is widely used. 91% of us check our email daily (Email Monday)
  • Email is well liked. 74% of consumers would rather receive email communications from organisations than any other method. (Merkle)