Email Marketing: A Useful Tool for Dentists

A visit to the dentist is something that can fill many people with apprehension. It is the dentist's job to reassure the patient and instil a sense of trust in them. While much of this happens within the surgery itself, a lot of trust building can occur before the patient has even made an appointment. It is this holistic approach that will keep patients returning to your dental practice, and email marketing can help you achieve this.

Our expert team here at MailingManager can help you create a professional email marketing campaign that will help build a strong and trusting relationship between your dental practice and patients.


Once we've assisted you in creating a professional-looking bespoke email template, we can then help you target your patients with information that is relevant and interesting to them. From letting your customers know about the latest developments in oral hygiene, to reminding them about their next appointment, MailingManager can provide an email marketing solution to suit both your dental practice and your customers.

What Can Email Marketing Do For Your Dental Practice?

Email is a communication method that is valued and appreciated by patients and healthcare providers alike. An email marketing strategy can play a role in the overall care that you provide your customers, and studies have shown that it is the communication method that patients prefer to receive:

Dentist email templates

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  • For patients, email is the preferred channel across nearly all message types, including patient care (49%), health tips (68%) and appointment/ payment reminders (56%) (Televox)

Not only is email marketing an invaluable tool building customer relationships and improving the reputation of your practice, it is also incredibly affordable. Email marketing offers a significantly better return on investment than almost any other marketing method:

  • Email marketing offers a considerable ROI. In 2013, nearly £25 (£24.93) was made for every £1 spent on email campaigns. (DMA)

With the help of our expert team at MailingManager, you and your dental practice can soon take advantage of the power of email marketing to build strong and trusting patient relationships.