Email marketing for Ecommerce

Email marketing provides an especially powerful means for Ecommerce companies to gain more customers, and maximise their revenue stream. The primary way in which email marketing services such as MailingManager can benefit ecommerce businesses is through fostering commitment in customers; as well as providing an avenue for the advertising of new products and services, and distributing offers and vouchers.

The service that we offer at MailingManager is able to complement and enhance the operation of an ecommerce business, allowing for the full customisation of the emails sent from your email marketing account, and the facility to have said account fully managed by our highly trained, expert email marketing team. Such support ensures that, no matter how much time and manpower you're able to commit to the email marketing of your business, you'll get the absolute maximum amount of utility from its use.


Why should I promote my Ecommerce business with Email marketing?

In terms of functionality, an email marketing campaign functions in much the same way as a leafleting or postal marketing campaign would for a physical shop. Such a campaign would alert consumers to the existence of the shop in question, advertise the services and products that it offers, and promote any upcoming offers or deals. Additionally, this kind of marketing campaign is often used to distribute information in regards to special offers and promotions that are currently being offered by said establishment. With an email marketing campaign, this functionality is all still present, but just more streamlined, and better adapted for the digital medium in which it is expected to function.

But it’s not necessary just to take our word on the efficiency of email marketing in relation to ecommerce businesses, there are plenty of statistics to be found that also agree with the benefits of such a partnership:

Ecommerce email templates

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  • In 2012, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase based on a promotional email (Salesforce)
  • 7% of all e-commerce user acquisitions are achieved through email; it’s the second most efficient acquisition channel after search Custora)
  • 79% of online shoppers spend at least 50% of their shopping time researching products; so bringing product or service information directly to a consumer can push said offer to the top of a consumer’s pile!(Hubspot)
  • Email marketing accounted for 16% of e-commerce orders in 2013 (Custora)