Email Marketing for Events

If you are planning a major event, how can you ensure that it will be a success? The success of your event lies with your attendees. Your potential delegates need to feel engaged, informed and interested in attending. But, how can you communicate these things to them with the ever-increasing cost of direct mail and personalised invitations? Email marketing is the answer.

Email marketing can play a huge role in the success of your events. During the planning stage, it can be used to generate awareness about your event and direct potential attendees to a registration page. You can continually keep your delegates updated about event news and updates, then, after the event has taken place, email marketing can help you capture feedback from them.


Here at mailingmanager, we can provide you with all the tools you need to promote your event, whether your needs are for the long or short term. For professional event organisers, our expert team can help you create a bespoke email campaign that will consistently keep your customers engaged with your company's activities. If you only have one event to promote, we will help you create an effective, one-off campaign that will help you connect with attendees and potential delegates.

How Email Marketing Can Help Promote Your Events

Email marketing provides an engaging, yet cost effective, way to promote your event. With email marketing, you can communicate with a huge number of people at once, yet it retains an extremely personal feel. But, don't just take our word for it. The efficacy of email marketing speaks for itself:

  • Email marketing offers an excellent ROI. In 2013, nearly £25 (£24.93) was made for every £1 spent on email campaigns. (DMA)
  • Email is far-reaching. There are more than 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide (Radicati)
  • Event emails have some of the highest open rates: 16.34% (Sign-up.To)

Events email templates

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