Email Marketing, an effective tool for hotels & restaurants

Primarily, email marketing is a way of gaining and securing consumer loyalty, often through the use of targeted promotions and information, particularly those that are personalised for specific consumers.

A fully realised hospitality-based email marketing campaign ultimately provides both your business and consumers with a beneficial feedback loop. Customers have their loyalty and curiosity rewarded with useful information and discounts, while your business is able to collate more customer information to further optimise your operation, and better focus future marketing campaigns.

Email marketing within the hospitality industry, whether you're a restaurant, hotel, bar or all of the above, perfectly complements your existing services, bringing customers tighter into the fold of your business.


Why should I promote my business with Email marketing?

The statistics below demonstrate not only the general utility of email marketing as a tool for increasing visibility and conversion for businesses; but the particular effectiveness and efficiency of email marketing applied to the hospitality industry:

  • 70% of consumers utilise the deals that they are provided with in emails (SOURCE: Shopify)
  • The Hospitality and Travel industries have the lowest rate of inactive subscribers AND the highest rate of active ones in the 3rd quarter of 2014 (SOURCE: marketingprofs)
  • 35% of consumers have used a coupon or discount that they received in a marketing email within the last week (SOURCE: bluekangaroo)

It's difficult to argue with numbers like those; it's extremely clear that email marketing can offer a great deal to hotels, restaurants, bars, and other businesses in the hospitality sector. The array of email marketing services that we provide, here at Mailing Manager, are a perfect fit for the hospitality industry, providing your business with our expertise and fine tuned email marketing infrastructure.

Hotel & Restaurant email templates

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