Email Marketing for Non Profits

As you'll know, with a non profit organisation, one of the most important things to do is communicate your message and cause as often as possible. This is the best way to keep people interested in supporting your cause, and to collect new supporters along the way. One of the most personal and direct ways to do this is to use email marketing.

Email marketing is considerably more effective than the traditional marketing methods that non profits have long relied on. It offers immediate, measurable results and allows you to communicate with your supporters on a personal basis. With the help of our expert team at MailingManager, your non profit will soon reap the benefits of email marketing.


Unlike many expensive, outdated marketing methods, email marketing can easily work within you non profit's limited budget. Here at MailingManager, we are able to create and manage an effective email marketing campaign at an extremely competitive rate, and we never tie our clients into long, expensive contracts.

Why Should Non Profit Organisations Use Email Marketing?

Supporters of non profits appreciate being kept informed about the actions of organisations. They don't appreciate only being solicited for help or donations. With email marketing, you can show your supporters exactly where donations are being spent, inform them about volunteering opportunities and let them know how to donate. With the help of a MailingManager marketing campaign, you can feel confident that your supporters will always be well informed.

Non Profit email templates

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The benefits of email marketing for non profits are clear:

  • 70% of people aged 20-35 would look into volunteer opportunities after being contacted by a non profit. (The Millenial Impact)
  • 49% of subscribers reading half or more of the charity emails they receive. (Wired Wealthy Report)
  • 42% of subscribers have forwarded a message from a charity to a friend or colleague. (Wired Wealthy Report)