Email Marketing: A Useful Tool for Startups

The success of a startup is pivotal on building relationships with your customers and clients. It is them that will, ultimately, determine the future of your new business. Email marketing is one of the more useful relationship building tools, helping you to engage and connect with your audience for as long as they do business with you.

When you're running a startup, your time is precious. You may not have enough of it to implement, build and monitor an email marketing campaign. Thankfully, here at MailingManager, we can help. Our professional email templates will get your campaign off the ground in no time. Your account will be fully managed by our expert team, allowing you to focus all your attention on running your new business.


How Can Email Marketing Benefit Startups?

Marketing a business can be very expensive, and many marketing channels are out of reach of the average startup. This is not the case with email marketing. It is one of the most cost effective marketing channels, yet can reach millions of people at once. And, not only is it affordable, it also offers an unbeatable ROI:

  • In 2013, nearly £25 (£24.93) was made for every £1 spent on email campaigns. (SOURCE: DMA)

Startup Business templates

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Email marketing offers a personal touch that other marketing channels can't match. Not only can you address your customers by name, you can also send messages based on their location, history and preferences. That personal touch could give your startup the initial boost that it needs:

  • Businesses can see as much as a 20% uplift from personalising messages. (SOURCE: Adestra)

With the help of our expert team here at MailingManager, your startup will soon reap the benefits of email marketing.