Email Marketing for Web Designers

As a web designer, it's only natural that you'll want to promote your services using the Internet. Email marketing is the perfect fit. It allows you to showcase your talents using a medium that is perfectly suited to what you do.

Although, thanks to your web design skills, you are likely to know how to make a marketing email look good, you may not know how to use it to connect with your clients and expand your reach. That's where MailingManager comes in. After working with you to create a bespoke email template perfectly suited to your business, our expert team will work with you to put together and distribute an email marketing campaign. Connecting and engaging with both existing and potential customers couldn't be simpler.

Web Designers

Our highly-trained team at MailingManager are ready to help you make the most of your accountancy firm. Their support and expertise make implementing an effective email marketing campaign simple.

What Benefits Does Email Marketing Offer Web Designers?

Email marketing offers an effective way to showcase your web design skills and build your client base:

  • 42% of B2B organizations say email is one of their most effective lead generators for targeting new clients. (Circle Research)

Even though you may have your own website, that requires your customers to come to you. With an email marketing campaign, you can reach out to your clients. This can help improve business client relationships while increasing awareness of your brand.

With an increasing number of people checking their email on smartphones and tablets, an email campaign that isn't mobile-optimised could ruin your company's reputation. In fact:

Web Designer email templates

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  • 53% of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet in Q3 2014 (Email Monday)
  • 71.2% of people will immediately delete emails that don't display correctly on mobile devices (Email Monday)

Our team at MailingManager will help you create a responsive email design. It will do justice to your design talents, whatever device your customers are viewing the email on.

All-in-all, MailingManager offers the perfect email marketing solution for your web design business.