mobile email opensMobile email opens show no sign of stopping their meteoric ascent to the top of email marketing statistics. In September, they neared 50%, gaining yet another percentage point.

48% of all emails opened now take place on smart phones and tablets; another sure-fire sign that those on the move are beginning to dictate the way in which email is received and digested.

Interestingly, desktop opens also increased in September, climbing to 33%. Webmail opens, on the other hand, dipped to 19%. The latter statistic is perhaps the most curious and may be indicative of more people with webmail accounts such as Yahoo! and Gmail turning to either traditional desktop clients such as Outlook or simply using the mobile equivalent.

Since September 2012, mobile opens have gained ten percentage points. Webmail clients have lost the exact same amount. Desktop clients? Well, they’re remained relatively flat, which is telling for a format which is simply bumping along, maintaining it’s status, yet not setting the world alight, unlike mobile.

Diving a little deeper into mobile email’s performance in September, some interesting statistics have emerged:

  • iPads and iPhones dominated mobile email opens – their combined total was nearly 80% in September
  • Android made up a not-too-shabby 20% of opens
  • Blackberry and Windows Phone represented less than 1% of opens
  • In the last 12 months, iPhone opens have increased by 25%, iPads 20% and Android 37%
  • Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 7, accounted for nearly 25% of all iOS opens in September, despite only being released that month