Video in emailVideo is still an incredibly powerful advertising medium on the web. Facebook have recently introduced video adverts and Twitter is awash with video content. Recent statistics from the world of email suggest it could be just as important for email marketing, too.

Thanks to advances in web technology such as HTML5, viewing video in email clients is becoming increasingly possible and even easier to implement from the sender’s perspective. It is believed 58% of users can now do just that. Here’s a breakdown of that figure:

  • Apple iOS Mail: 35.6%
  • 13.57%
  • Apple desktop Mail: 11%
  • Mozilla Thunderbird: 1.03%


Those that can’t see videos in email will see a ‘fallback’ image instead, therefore there really is little reason to give it a go. The fallback image can be anything the marketer desires and, crucially, can also link to the video content on the web so that those with incompatible email clients can still view it.

Unfortunately, marketers still appear to be holding back when it comes to email video. Just 25% have used it, according to a survey held earlier this year. However, video usage in email has actually doubled, because that percentage was previously just 11.9% in 2010.

Give video in email a try!


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