EmailEmail is still an extremely powerful marketing medium. Recent research conducted by BlueHornet found that nearly all consumers (98%) have been influenced to make a purchase by a marketing email.

To compile the research, 1,800 consumers were polled. The study also found that 78% of those polled make a purchase at least once a month based on an email campaign they have received.

According to the research, consumers seem to respond well to emails sent at the optimum frequency. The majority of those polled (44%) said that they prefer to receive emails from brands on a weekly basis, although around a quarter said they would be open to receiving emails daily.

However, although it would seem that consumers are open to receiving emails relatively frequently, that doesn’t mean that marketers should send messages just for the sake of it. The study found that people prefer to receive frequent emails that are personalised and relevant to their needs. 75% of consumers expected to receive emails based on their past purchases, and 71% expected mailings based on their interests. Over half of those polled (58%) also expected marketers to make use of their birthday information.

This study highlights the continued power of email as a marketing method. As long as companies are sending interesting and relevant messages at the right frequency, they should see excellent results from the email marketing efforts.