EmailAccording to a study by Get Response, almost half of email marketers (42%) send everyone on their list the same email. This means that a significant number of marketers are failing to use personalisation, or to split test their emails.

The study, which surveyed 1,831 email marketers and analysed more than 700 million emails, also found that a third of marketers were not actively optimising their email marketing, meaning that they weren’t, among other things, testing subject lines or previewing emails in different clients.

Although a significant number of marketers are sending everyone on their list the same email, the majority of those surveyed (75%) are using email automation in order to improve their customer experience. However, the results of this report show that there is room for improvement for many marketers when it comes to more advanced email marketing techniques, like segmentation, testing and optimisation.

During the study, marketers were also asked what they considered to be the top benefit of email marketing. The greatest number (23%) said it was lead generation, with 19% saying improved sales and 17% saying improved conversion rates.

Even though many marketers are missing out on the more advanced elements of email marketing, the majority seem to be in agreement that it benefits their company. 85% of those surveyed intend to spend the same amount, or even increase the amount they spend, on email marketing in the next year.