Apple SSL flawIt hasn’t been the greatest of times for Apple when it comes to email. The Cupertino tech giant has received a flurry of complaints after its recent significant update to the OS X operating system which inadvertently caused severe issues for Gmail users. Now, they’ve had to admit the presence of a gaping security hole in all of their web-connected devices.

Apple has released a fix for both the iOS mobile operating system and its OS X desktop counterpart which addresses the issue relating to SSL security. Users of Apple products are urged to update their devices as soon as possible.

The flaw enabled hackers to intercept email data and has been coined ‘#gotofail’ on social media. Put simply, if a hacker had access to a mobile network to which an Apple device was also connected, the bug would allow them to see and even alter exchanges between the user and protected sites, which could include Gmail and Facebook to name but two.

Apple has refused to comment on exactly how the bug was found and whether or not it had been widely exploited.