Mavericks mail issuesLast year, Apple released the latest update to its desktop operating system, Mac OS X. Named Mavericks, it ushered in some exciting new features and, unfortunately, for Gmail users, some very frustrating bugs.

Confined to the inbuilt Mail application, the gremlins have caused havoc for those routing their Gmail messages through the email client.Users have complained about the inability to download messages and problems moving and deleting messages. Although mainly attributed to Gmail, users of other email services have reported similar problems.

The issue appears to relate to Mail’s inability to synchronise properly with remote mail servers.

There have been two updates issued by Apple since the release of Mavericks, but the problems remain for many.

The Cupertino giant has now issued a workaround for anyone experiencing such issues in Mail. Apple has recommended that users select ‘Take All Accounts Offline’ and then click ‘Get All New Mail’ in the Mailbox menu, which have the effect of quitting and restarting Mail, which many users had become accustomed to trying in order to fix the synchronisation problems.

A permanent fix is surely on the way, but the timeframe for its delivery is entirely unknown, such is Apple’s secrecy around the release of new software.