Wemail on mobileIn 2013, mobile email opens increased from 41% to 51% of all opens, making smartphones and tablets the go-to devices for the majority of recipients. As a result, webmail opens decreased by a whopping 36%, leading many to believe that webmail users are now turning to mobile.

But are mobile opens really growing at webmail’s expense?

It does appear that there is a significant behavioural change amongst webmail users. Signing up to free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook.com provides users with IMAP access to their messages, meaning they are free to use almost any email client they like. It is therefore an email landscape without any boundaries.

A recent study on webmail usage has unearthed some interesting statistics:

  1. iPhone and Android devices top the list when it comes to the devices webmail messages are opened on most often.
  2. Outlook accounts for around 17% of all email opens, yet only commands 6% of emails sent to webmail addresses.
  3. 39% of all webmail opens occur on Apple iOS devices.
  4. AOL Mail sits at the bottom of the list with just 1% of opens occurring on its webmail service.
  5. 61% of webmail opens take place on mobile devices.
  6. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the most popular browser for those accessing webmail accounts, enjoying a 41% share.
  7. Outlook.com is the most commonly-used webmail service accessed via browsers (46% of all opens).
  8. The majority of Yahoo! mobile opens occur on Android devices (52%).


Image courtesy of sippakorn / freedigitalphotos.net