Do you know if your marketing emails are reaching your subscribers’ inboxes? According to Return Path’s annual Inbox Placement Benchmark Report, one in every six emails sent worldwide never reaches their intended recipient. The study, based upon a sample of almost 500 million messages from permissioned email marketers, showed that 6% of email messages go into the customer’s spam or junk folder, whereas 11% simply go missing. This highlights that deliverability still remains a challenging issue for email marketers.

Reaching the Inbox

So, how can you ensure that your emails will reach your subscribers’ inboxes? Here are some things you can do:

  • Use a good ESP

According to the Return Path study, 83% of the time, it’s sender reputation, rather than content, that cause emails to get filtered to the spam folder. A reputable Email Service Provider (ESP) will be able to maintain your reputation, ensuring that your emails won’t get flagged as spam.

  • Ask for permission

Only every email people who have given you their permission to do so. Never buy your email lists. You should also monitor how active your subscribers are. If a customer hasn’t interacted with you in a while, email them asking if they still want to receive your messages.

  • Send quality content

The content of your marketing emails should be high quality and interesting to your customers. Avoid using common spam words, and conduct regular testing to evaluate the efficacy of your emails.

As Return Path’s study has shown, deliverability is one of the biggest issues facing email marketers today. By putting some thought into your email campaigns, and using a reliable ESP, you should avoid this common problem.