Gmail’s New feature

Google recently introduced a new feature to Gmail which aims to make it simpler for recipients of marketing email to unsubscribe from lists. Most promotional messages received in Gmail will now have an ‘unsubscribe’ link in the header, next to the sender name an email address. When a user clicks this link, they will be able to opt out of future messages from the sender.

How Can This Aid Email Marketers?

It’s a legal requirement for marketing emails to contain an unsubscribe link within their body. Gmail’s new feature increases the prominence of this link, theoretically simplifying the unsubscribe process.

While, like most email marketers, you would rather discourage users from unsubscribing from your messages, having a simple opt-out process can actually improve your reputation. If a user finds it difficult to unsubscribe, or is simply pressed for time, they may incorrectly mark your message as spam. Over time, messages marked as spam have an overall negative effect on a sender’s reputation, while unsubscribes do not.

By simplifying the subscription process, Gmail have reduced the likelihood of your messages being marked as spam. It will also have the effect of ‘cleaning up’ your list; it won’t have any recipients who don’t want to be there. This will only have a positive impact on any of your future marketing campaigns.

How Should You React?

 As an email marketer, your focus should be on retaining as many of your subscribers as possible. Make sure that you are constantly delivering quality content to your subscribers that is targeted and relevant to them.